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Sabina Vatter Homeopath in the Northern Beaches

Homeopath in the Northern Beaches

Sabina Vatter


I’m Sabina, a homeopath living in the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

I grew up with homeopathy and have seen countless times how useful it is for babies, children and adults for many acute and chronic conditions.

My greatest passion is to help people achieve their optimal health and well-being, which can ultimately lead to a happier and more balanced life.

As a homeopath, I will support you in your journey of restoring your physical and mental health, improving your wellness and increasing your quality of life.

about homeopathy


Homeopathy is a natural healthcare system that has been used by millions of people worldwide for over 200 years. Homeopathy treats the person as a whole by stimulating the body's self-healing abilities to tackle physical, mental and emotional ailments. By using gently stimulating remedies, which are prepared in homeopathic pharmacies, homeopathy restores the body's balance, increases well-being and boosts vitality.

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Fantastic experience with Sabina.
Not only she is very knowledgeable about homeopathy, but she also showed genuine personal dedication and was keen to explore all possibilities and treatment methods.
Cannot speak highly enough, thank you!


Sabina has really helped my partner with his stomach issues. I always recommend her with my family and friends, she’s knowledgeable and experienced


I took the remedy and I noticed my body felt settled and more grounded, my heart and chest felt calmer, and my mind also felt calmer and more spacious. I appreciate your help and guidance.


One of the best homeopaths I have visited. Sabina has an extensive knowledge in her field and is extremely passionate and empathetic person. I highly recommended Sabina and her services as an homeopath in the Northern Beaches.


I went to see Sabina to support my immune system during the pandemic. Her level of knowledge, passion and approach was outstanding and really loved her empathy. I did not only overcome my anxiety and build my immune system, I also received a constitutional remedy which helped with other chronic symptoms. Thank you and highly recommend her!


I recently got diagnosed with dysautonomia and POTS. Sabina helped me to get rid of the sharp edges of the “rocking” feeling. Since the age of 5, I would wake up with morning sickness every morning. I’ve had a lot of hospital exams but nothing had helped so far. Thanks to Sabina I now wake up with no more morning sickness. I can highly recommend Sabina.


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